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Places of Interest


This file is a work in progress affair which will be updated from time to time. It contains details and ideas on places that the Dark Age players have visited over the years.

The East Coast

The East coast is a lot larger than it was a few decades ago. A lot of Norfolk and Lincolnshire have flooded forming new coast, bigger rivers or quagmire saltmarshes. Given the pollution caused by the new port of Peterboro and local pirate clans operating in the area, they remain pretty much no go.

Yarmouth was the first town under seige and went under a number of years ago. A single causeway runs to the island and that is controlled by the Norfolk Rangers (the local "law" enforcement), if they do not want you in (or out) you better turn back. Yarmouth's days as a seaside town subsided with its buildings and road structure. The isle is surrounded by treacherous saltmarsh and the smugglers who hang around on the occasional dry islands do not like vistors.

So what is so damned good about Yarmouth anyway? It sounds like a dump! Yeah, its a dump alright, but it has the best cyberclinics and bioware available in the British Isles. Its position makes it a great landing site for 'ware smugglers from mainland Europe and due to it unique location, policing the area is difficult.

Norwich's local government commander would like to see the end of this trade, but Yarmouth brings in so much business through Norwich, it would be financial suicide to put an end to the clinics.

Norwich on the other hand is a cleaner and some would say sterile city. It has a good business base and if you are a law abiding citizen, you have nothing to fear. Norwich houses the area's sea radar scanning base which is the thorn in Yarmouth's side regarding smuggling. Thus there is a delicate arrangement between the two cities, Yarmouth cannot go it alone due to Norwich's sea police, while Norwich cannot afford to lose the business brought in by the smugglers.

On the other side of Norfolk lies the Wash, a large flat marshland that was once part of Lincolnshire. Kings Lynn and Peterboro sit in this expanse and by dredging out channels have made themselves ports to the North Sea.

Peterboro has grown backwards onto higher artifical land and is doing very well for itself thank you very much. Geospace Industries, Universal and ICS all have major installations here. Trade is good and the area is very cosmopolitian due to the continual influx of workers, sailers, smugglers and of course the vice that goes with it. This is not to say that Peterboro is not a nice place to live. It's great, and has a seething nightlife (if a little mainstream). A lot of the old city has gone and local pubs and shops are feeling the squeeze of the big names.

Lynn - formerly Kings Lynn, is a different story all together. If Yarmouth was to go under (and no doubt will eventually), Lynn would be much better off. The problem is that Peterboro gets all the main shipping trade and industrial contracts; Yarmouth has its clinics and cosy deal with Norwich; thus Lynn is under pressure to bring in money but can't do it illegally due to Norwich's enforcers, the Rangers.

Lynn was once a nice retirement locale, but now it's getting a little bit dangerous. Norwich has moved its Wash Area Sea Patrol into the renovated docks which is making the Boston clan packs more than a little nervous. Of course, Norwich cannot touch that side of the Wash (as that is Lincoln police turf), but that does not stop the odd raid by either side. Lynn is a remote charge waiting for the right frequency.