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Backup Heart $1000 D3 IL
This is a smaller heart located in the chest close to the main heart. It is designed to keep blood circulating from the lungs to the brain, should the main heart stop functioning. This implant increases the depth that a character's HITS can drop to by a further 10 points.[So if a typical character dies at -12 HITS, the implant pushes this to -22!).


Combat Threads $2,000 D2 IL/Rtg
NSMs thread in new pathways and nerve amps cutting signal travel times. Each rating adds +1 initiative per level, to a maximum of +4. At Level three, the host's reflex (REF) stat is increased by one point. The implants take 2D4+4 days to heal properly and are inactive until that time. Combat threading is difficult to find (difficult [20] streetwise test) and it only compatible with Nitro CNS units.


Bone Augmentation $2,000 D3 IL
Originally, this could only be done with toughbone overlays and NSMs, now this genemod makes the bones more resilient without invasive surgery. HT is increased by +1 and the wearer does not suffer from bone degeneration in low gee conditions. Calcium supplements must be taken daily for the first month.

Superspine $9,000 D4 IL
This implant replaces the wearer's spine with a tougher, yet more flexible version. The improved vertebrae give further protection to the spinal column. This involves altering the host's ribcage, although this implant is not effective if any armour is implanted to the torso (this includes any bioware or cybernetic implants except subskin and skin lacing). The torso muscle is genemodded to be rip-resistant although first timers should still be cautious!

The package give increased mobility grants +2 to escape/dodge; +3 to acrobatics, athletics or zerobatics and +2 to escapology or contortion rolls. Endurance is boosted by +1 to the torso, neck and back. The implantation requires very complex surgery and the patient will be unable to move until all the surgery has healed (2D6+12 damage).


Subskin $1,500 D4 IL
Creates a resilient flexible layer underneath the skin on the torso and back. Grants 5/3 AP. Heals at 2 SDP per day (add any healing bonuses). This does not combine with Toughskin, it supplants it.

ToughSkin $1,500 D4 IL
Toughens skin without losing tactile or heat loss abilities. This is not compatable with dermal armour which can superseed this transformation. Grants 3/2 AP except on groin, hands, face and feet. Heals at 2 SDP per day (unless using speedheal drugs). The armour appears at a rate of two SDP per day.