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Genetic Tailoring is a fairly new technology which alters the host's genes, making the body replace existing tissue with the standards of the new genes. No surgery is involved. However, tailoring is not cheap and $2,500 worth of tests must be completed before any programmes can begin. These require numerous tissue samples and the results take D4+4 days to arrive. Before this time, no work can, or will, be carried out.

Once the tests have been completed, the programme can begin. This begins with the injection of the desired genetic modification. The customer must stay at the clinic for the first week. Should there be no complications, they may leave (5% chance plus 1% per cybersystem; complications mean a further week of observation). After a further 2D3 days, the implant will have "taken" and the wearer's abilities will improve (that's 2D3 days per level!).

Body Enhancements

* NB: The body, nerve, speed and strength enhancers are as per the bioware listed in the cyberware section.