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What is Dark Age?

What's all this about character points?


Pick one of the various genemod races to play. Read the overview or jump to the details on humans, metas, breed, necs, sharcs, meatboys & meatgrrls, tritons, asex and trix.

Primary Stats
Read up on the primary stats are and how much they cost.

Derived Characteristics
What these are and how to calculate them. [Size Movement Endurance Hits Stun Healing Toughness Damage Bonus Luck]

Skill Base Ratings
What they do and how to work them out. [Knowledge Agility Manipulation Tech Communications Sorcery Perception]

Buying Skills
How to buy skills and what they do.

Statistic Generation Tool
Use the javascript tool to work out character point costs, stats and skill bases.

Skill Point Calculator Tool
Use the javascript tool to help calculate the cost of your character's career skills.


Character quirks to pick and choose. Read the overview or the index and pick from mental, physical, environment, supernatural and resources.


Read about career skills are and then have a look at the careers index before picking a role for your character. A full description of the skills can be found here and a full list of skills and the associated derived characteristic is here.


Read the summary on character backgrounds and then choose one. This will give you the chance to flesh out your character's range of skills. You can choose backgrounds from corporate brat, burb kid, streetkid, clansman, highrider or miltary.

There is an education skill package for some backgrounds and a universal pool that everyone can take things from. A full description of the skills can be found here.


Many people are multi-lingual as the old barriers fell due to massive population migrations. Read about languages and choose something for your character.


You don't start the game empty-handed - read about your character's starting funds, their starting equipment and the notes on what might be a good buy.