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Quirks are little details which affect your characters background. They are there to encourage you to develop a history and depth to your character.

Quirks have been broken down into categories and these include mental, physical, environmental, resources and supernatural. It is recommended that a character not have more than twenty character points gained from disadvantages. The referee may overrule this if he feels it is necessary. You can find an index of the quirks here.Under each career is a small paragraph of suggested quirks. It is not necessary to take all, or indeed any, of them. They are merely there to promote ideas.

Example: Slash is a street samurai and I want him to be well informed, have some morals and also slightly tortured.

For quirks; I choose contacts: street to give him a middle man to get information from. That is an advantage, so I spend 4 CP. Slash is stylish, which means he looks cool and costs 4 CP.

For disadvantages, I give Slash a dark secret of jail/exile, as he worked on a government death camp. He is suffers minor flashbacks which are triggered by seeing numerous corpses.
These give Slash 6 CP and his advantages cost him 8 CP. I must spend 2 CP to pay for these, or I could give Slash another flaw and use those extra points to increase his skills, equipment or stats.