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Resource Quirks


Implants (Varies)
You have been lucky and have scored bigtime on the implant front. What you can buy depends on what points you trade in, although you do not have to pay implantation and recovery costs.

Please note that preventative trauma therapy is not included in this edge.

Loaded (Four point edge)
You have made a tidy profit recently and are quite flush. Each purchase of this edge gives you an extra $1000 cash.

Poor (Four point flaw)
Either you did not start out with much or various outgoings have swallowed your money. You loose $1000 and this flaw may be taken more than once.

Vehicle (Varies)
You own, or have access, to some transport. The cost depends on the vehicle in question, its condition and availability. No matter what drawbacks the equipment has, it never costs less than one point. 

Point Cost
Small bike: moped or electric bike.
Bike: motor bike, cybercycle or small car.
Medium car or van.
Big truck, sports car or GEV car.
Sports areodyne, GEV or Panzer (unarmed!).
Combat AV (unarmed).

If you own the vehicle it costs the listed value and you have no access problems. Note that you will not get the book price if you try to sell the vehicle (second hand gear could retail for about half or third price depending on it's age, service and condition).

However, you might not have access to it all the time. In which case there is a fifty fifty chance the vehicle is unavailable (perhaps your mates borrowed it?). Limited access means the point cost is halved and you must roll under five. One request roll can be made per day and if you roll a ten, it is unavailable for D4 days.

The vehicle might be in a bad state of repair. If this is the case, it is not working 30% of the time and the character must repair it. The repairs cost D6 x 5% of the original cost and take up to a week or more. A duff vehicle costs half the normal points.

If you have a knackered old truck that you share with your mate, it is worth a quarter of the points but you must roll both restrictions in order to use it. As mentioned above, no vehicle may cost less than one point.

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