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Before a person's race meant they were from a certain country or ethnicity. Modern parlance also includes those people who were created, or have been surgically altered. There are still more vanilla humans than genemod people - but times are changing very quickly. Human who have had age extension technology make up the posthuman group.

Metas are people who have been genetically modified before birth. They have a higher than average IQ and excellent technical abilities. They haven't taken over the planet because their abilities are created, not inherited. At some point in time, their parents bought their child's genes.

Breed are people how have taken bodmodding to the next level. They have had their appearance radically altered; perhaps to include animal teeth, weird looking eyes or other outlandish biopunk decor.

Necs are a different type of breed. They are more normal on the outside, than they are on the inside. They are ultra-goths and vampire lookalikes, sculpted to look like someone from a gothic horror novel.

Sharks were created from man's own genetic pool. They were made to fight our wars and battles. SHARCs enjoy more civil rights than their forefathers, who were treated more as property. Tritons are the much rarer aquatic version of the SHARC trooper and look even more different.

Meatboys and meatgrrls are people hit on muscle grafts, bioware and muscle drugs. Steroids are one thing, but implants open up a whole new world. Meatboys make your average body builder quake.

Sex plays a huge role in society and not surprisingly, it has lead to two other bodmod groups. Asex are people with no sex, they don't have any reproductive organs and have no interest in sex. They say they have opted out of the sex war. Trix are society's drag hedonists- able to pass for either sex and they have the equipment to match (!). Trix, or trisexuals, are both part male and part female, but are not true hermaphrodites.