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All Skills

This is a list of all the major skills in Dark Age along with the associated default skill base.

AGIL: Acrobatics

AGIL: Athletics

AGIL: Climbing (freefacing)

AGIL: Climbing (general)

AGIL: Climbing (mountaineering)

AGIL: Dance (style)


AGIL: Hide

AGIL: Ride

AGIL: Shadowing

AGIL: Sneak

AGIL: Swim

AGIL: Unarmed Combat

AGIL: Zerobatics

COMMS: Acting

COMMS: Command

COMMS: Contacts: Corporates

COMMS: Contacts: Deckers

COMMS: Contacts: Family

COMMS: Contacts: Gang

COMMS: Contacts: Magicians

COMMS: Contacts: Midmen

COMMS: Contacts: Police

COMMS: Culture (type)

COMMS: Facilities (Cyberware)

COMMS: Facilities (Information)

COMMS: Facilities (Medical)

COMMS: Facilities (Net)

COMMS: Facilities (Tech)

COMMS: Facilities (Weaponry)

COMMS: Fast Talk

COMMS: Interrogate

COMMS: Interview

COMMS: Intimidate

COMMS: Perform

COMMS: Public Speaking

COMMS: Scrounge

COMMS: Seduction

COMMS: Streetwise: Cyberware

COMMS: Streetwise: Information

COMMS: Streetwise: Medical

COMMS: Streetwise: Net

COMMS: Streetwise: Tech

COMMS: Streetwise: Weaponry

KNOW: Accounts

KNOW: Astrogation

KNOW: Astronomy

KNOW: Biology

KNOW: Botany

KNOW: Computer Use

KNOW: Decking

KNOW: Diagnose

KNOW: Evaluate

KNOW: Gambling

KNOW: Geology

KNOW: History

KNOW: Intrusion

KNOW: Investment

KNOW: Language (specific):

KNOW: Law (A)

KNOW: Library Use

KNOW: Literary Study (A)

KNOW: Maths

KNOW: Occult

KNOW: Physics

KNOW: Physiology

KNOW: Planetology

KNOW: Programming

KNOW: Research

KNOW: Specialist (type)

KNOW: Stim Recording

KNOW: Survival (Urban)

KNOW: Survival (Wilderness)

KNOW: Systems (type)

KNOW: Teach

KNOW: Video

KNOW: Write

KNOW: Zoology

MANIP: Archery

MANIP: Cycle

MANIP: Drive

MANIP: Heavy Weapons

MANIP: Melee: 1 H Blades

MANIP: Melee: 1 H Clubs

MANIP: Melee: 2 H Blades

MANIP: Melee: 2 H Clubs

MANIP: Melee: Hand weapons

MANIP: Melee: Polearms

MANIP: Melee: Whips/jointed

MANIP: Pilot: Aerodyne (A)

MANIP: Pilot: Aircraft

MANIP: Pilot: GEV:

MANIP: Pilot: Micro-remotes

MANIP: Pilot: Parawing

MANIP: Pilot: Rotor

MANIP: Pilot: Ship (A)

MANIP: Pilot: Spaceplane (B)

MANIP: Pilot: Tug / SpacePod(A)

MANIP: Pistol

MANIP: Rifle


MANIP: Sniping

MISC: Interface

MISC: Resistance

MISC: Style

PERCP: Detect Lies

PERCP: Perception (Listen)

PERCP: Perception (Smell)

PERCP: Perception (Vision)

PERCP: Psychology (A)

PERCP: Track

TECH: Aerodyne Tech (B)

TECH: Aircraft Tech (A)

TECH: Biotech (B)

TECH: Chemistry

TECH: Demolitions (A)

TECH: Disguise

TECH: Electronics (Communications)

TECH: Electronics (Computers)

TECH: Electronics (Cybertech)

TECH: First Aid

TECH: Forgery (A)

TECH: Locksmith

TECH: Mechanic

TECH: Operate (Communications)

TECH: Operate (Medtech) (A)

TECH: Operate (Sensors)

TECH: Pharmacy (A)

TECH: Pick Pocket

TECH: Play (instrument)

TECH: Rotor Tech (B)

TECH: Security (A)

TECH: Ship Tech (A)

TECH: Spacecraft Tech (B)

TECH: Surgery (A)

TECH: Weaponsmith (A)