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Pick Up Skills

As with career skills, players have 50 points to spend over a selection of skills. What skills they can choose, depends on what background they chose.

In Dark Age just about everyone can read and write. Okay, so they might not have been taught in school, but the information age is still with us. Illiteracy is a two point flaw and means you cannot read anything.

Example: Harry is originally from the suburbs. I choose for him drive (car); culture: street; contacts (info) from the burb kid collection. I have to pay double skill cost for pick lock (from streetkid) and I choose the school education package for 3 character points.

Univeral Skills

Athletics, Climbing (Type), Computer Use, Dance, Fast Talk, First Aid, Hide, Language (Type), Perception (vision or listen), Play (instrument), Running, Seduction, Sneak, Style, Swim, Throw

Education Packages

Choose any of the following if you have this option, or you can choose one of the set packages below.

Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Genetics, Geology, Geography, History, Library Use, Literary Study, Maths, Pharmacy, Physics, Programming, Teach, Writing, Zoology

These are sets of skills that a typical student may have. They have been grouped together so that you can quickly pick out an academic background.

School (3 CP):
Any science subject (see below) +2 and either maths, writing or language (type) at +2.
(Choosing this package includes the basics of being able to read & write).

College (6 CP):
Computer use +2, Library Use +1 and choose +3 from one of:
any science subject; History; Writing or Programming.
(Choosing this package includes a good level of reading / writing ability).

Graduate (12 CP):
Writing +2, Library Use +1, Computer Use +2 and choose +5 in one of:
Any science subject; Programming; Electronics (type); Mechanic (type);
Law; Psychology; Criminology; Programming or Literary Study

Valid science subjects include: Biology, biotech, botany, chemistry, geology, genetics, pharmacy, physics, zoology. Please note that genetics or physiology are unlikely to be taught in schools to any serious degree. Graduate characters may choose a different key skill not mentioned above (subject to Referee veto).

Standard Backgrounds

Remember: You can buy a skill that is not available in your skill package at double cost. However, if you buy it from highrider or military, it costs triple.

Specialist Backgrounds

As with the other backgrounds, you can buy a skill that is not available in your skill package at double cost.