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Skill Base Ratings

These ratings are added to skills during a skill test. A base rating represents how different talents help in various activities. Being nimble fingered is not enough to repair things, if you are as thick as two planks. Although these scores will be the basis for virtually skill tests. Stats are not redundant as tests are based on those as well. Fractions of a half or more should be rounded up!

Skill Base
This is based on intelligence and willpower.
A measure of a person's co-ordination. It is also affected by their strength and size.
This is the ability to not only use an object, but co-ordinate it's use (i.e.: aiming, driving).
Knowing how to fix an object can be as difficult as physically fixing it.
How good someone is with dealing with other people.
A person's ability to deal with spiritual and occult forces.
How aware a person is of their environment

For comparison purposes, Joe Average, whose stats are all five, then the majority of his skill bases will also be five too.


This is the basis for all your intellect related skills. Intelligence gives you basic reasoning and memory skills, but this is offset by the persistence to learn or apply what you know (willpower).

Example: Doc has a INT of 10 and WILLPOWER of 8, giving Doc a knowledge base of 9.


Agility covers your grace and ability to co-ordinate your movements - although it does not cover armed combat. Jumping, fighting, initiative and other athletic abilities fall under this.

Example: Deacan is a SHARC with 8 QUI, 10 STR and 11 SIZ characteristics. His agility will be 8 + (10-11)/2 which is 7.


While agility covers your bodily co-ordination, manipulation is your aiming and driving abilities.

Example: Jack Frost has a DEX of 7, INT 10 and 10 QUI. HIs manipulation will be 9.


Tech allows you to make repairs to items. You need nimble fingers and brains to be a techie.

Example: Garfunkle has a DEX 10 and INT 9. HIs tech base is 9.


This covers your social skills. It is the art of knowing what to say, when to say it and who to. Salesmen have high communications, while a low comms means you're blunt and fairly tactless.

Example: Nathan is the group's midman and is Mr Smooth. He has 10 CHA, 9 WP and is "handsome". His COMMS base is 9 but he gets +3 from his appearance rating.


This is your ability to control draw magical energies or communicate with other realms.

Example: Markus has INT 7, WP 10  and his SPR is also 9. His sorcery rating is 8.

Your sorcery rating will be modified depending on your character's own magical abilities. Characters with no magical ability have poor chances of any ritual succeeding.


This is a person's basic awareness of their environment. It is normally used with skills like vision or listen, although it can be coupled with almost any skills where perception is a factor.

Example: Dre has INT 6, HT 9 and WP 7. This makes his perception rating 7