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Aerodyne Tech (B): this skill allows you to repair and maintain aerodyne vehicle's. Engines, navigation systems and other mechanical faults will not be a problem (given time and a decent workshop). Aerodynes use adapted VTOL engines, and the vehicle undergoes a punishing routine, especially when pushed to the edge of it's ability by a chipped in pilot. You will get plenty of repair practice, if your AV is pushed this often.

Aircraft Tech (A): is the knowledge and ability to repair a fixed-, or swing-, wing aircraft. Given tools, spare parts, a hangar and some time you could probably get most things back in the air (at least for a while).

Biotech (B): this is the knowledge of bioware and transplant organs. A doctor with this skill would know the rudients of implantation, but not design. Only someone with biology: genetics could attempt that.

Chemistry: is a fair broad area. The skill deals with not only knowing about reactions, but also the uses and the ability to detect or recognize different chemicals. It also allows you to safely use lab apparatus (hopefully). If you have the pharmacy skill it is restricted to double your chemistry skill rating.

Demolitions (A): this skill allows you to know what explosives to use (depending on what you have to destroy), where to place them (for the best effect) and how to set the detonators. A skilled individual will be able use the minimum amount of explosive to its maximum effect.

Disguise: this is the ability to use make up, wigs and other props to appear as and impersonate someone else, either real or fictional.

Electronics (Type): this is the ability to repair, maintain or build electronic devices.

Communications: how to repair and maintain radio and other transmission equipment.

Computers (A): this skill covers the repair and design of computer hardware.

Cybertech (A): this skill allows you to repair, maintain and at higher skill levels, design your own cyberware (but not bioware)

At +2 you will be able to interchange components and make basic installations. At +4 you could track down bugs in the hardware and perform repairs, sometimes without manuals. No system will be safe from your tinkering hands at skill level +6. People will come looking for you, to make them specialist equipment, at +8 and your work (and street name) will be advert enough.

First Aid: this skill allows you deal with minor wounds. You will be able to staunch bleeding, bind a wound or apply a splint correctly. At higher levels, +5, you may even know some lifesaving techniques, including heart massage and emergency resuscitation.

Forgery (A): this is the ability to not only create false documents, but to spot them also. You will be able to create false ID's, reports and documents. This skill not only covers how to produce these items, but also what information is typically on them. Seeing as you know how to forge, you have insider knowledge when it comes to spotting phoney ID. Creating ID is dexterity based, but spotted it is based on intelligence.

Locksmith: this skill allows you to pick the workings of a mechanical lock. Locksmithing covers the installation and repair of mechanical locks. To pick a lock you must overcome the security rating of the lock with your dexterity, pick lock skill level plus a D10. Picking a lock takes anything from five to fifteen minutes (as any locksmith will tell you). Poking the door lock with the magic credit card, as carried by all detectives, will not open it. McGuiver has a lot to answer for.

Mechanic: this skill covers the repair and maintenance of engines. It covers car and truck engines, although you could repair some industrial machinery given time. Cleaning and general repair will not be a problem at +2. At +4, or more, you would be able to strip down a motor and clean it up easily. At +6 to +8, you will be more and more competent and could easily tune and engine, if not beef it up a little.

Operate (Type): is literally how to use a device and master its functions.

Communications: covers the use of radios, mobile phones and some surveilance gear.

Medtech (A): this is the skill the use of medical instruments. You can operate chilltanks, surgical equipment or scanners, but you cannot operate on someone.

Sensors: Understand radar screen readouts or pull meanful information from therographic sweeps.

Pharmacy (A): allows you to manufacture drugs from basic cheap and nasty streetdrugs, or given time, some help and a decent lab, some safe designer drugs. This skill is restricted to a level of double your chemistry skill. More than one pharmacist may work on a drug at any one time. Refer to the medical section for more details.

Pick Pocket: this is the skill allowing you to lift small items from people's pockets or off tables. It is normally matched against perception. You will receive a bonus, however, as no-one is alert 100% of the time, just in case there is a pickpocket about (typically +3 to your chance of success).

Play (instrument): this skill allows you to play a specific instrument. Keyboard, guitar, drums, flute, sitar, or whatever, the style is up to you. The higher your skill level, the better you sound. At +2, it is best to practice with your headphones on. Around +4 you will be okay, perhaps well enough to stop the local cats joining in while at +6 you can show a musicians a thing or two. At +8 you will have your own rep, and people may ask you to join in with them. At +10 you could rob the devil of his golden fiddle.

Rotor Tech (B): this skill covers the repair and maintenance of rotor powered vehicles, ie: helicopters and autogyros. You will be able to deal with most faults from control to engine trouble. However, like all mechanical repairs, you will need some decent replacement parts, a hangar and a lot of time to find the fault, let alone fix it.

Security (A): this skill is the application, installation and removal of security devices. Locks, both electronic and mechanical; alarms and sensors are covered by this skill. To remove, or bypass, a system you must roll over the security rating of the system (ask the ref). You also need a set of tools to perform any such work.

Ship Tech (A): this skill allows you to keep a boat seaworthy. You can perform minor repairs to the hull or piloting systems although larger repairs may require a dry dock. This skill deals with boats from yachts to powerboats, and to some extent the big cargo craft.

Spacecraft Tech (B): this skill covers the maintenance and repair of space-based vehicles, from the pod sized tugs to the much larger scramjet powered spaceplanes. You can make minor repairs inside the craft, although you may need to do some EVA (ie: extra vehicular activity) to fix the more inaccessible faults. The most dangerous problem for any craft in space is depressurisation a module can empty in a matter of seconds depending on the severity of the leak. Second to that, failed engines are a serious problem, as someone will have to come and fetch you, if you can be reached before you either run out of air, collide with something, burn up or fall out of the sky.

Surgery (A): covers the methods to perform a medical operation safely. This can be to cure a disease, fix a wound or alter the body in some way. Modern surgeons have good "operate medtech" skills as modern technology makes the job alot easier. NB: Some people choose to specialise in a surgical field, these include cybernetics, cosmetic, trauma and battlefield to name but a few.

Weaponsmith (A): this skill is the repair, maintenance and design of firearms. You can repair both projectile and energy weapons although they may need different tools or workshop. At +2 you can strip down and reassemble firearms quickly and easily. At +4 you will be able to reconfigure most weapon systems and install a few minor modifications (new lasing crystals or smart trigger). At +6 you could probably smartchip a weapon or wire in a gun computer, not many things would be out of your technical reach. People will know your handiwork, and may have been on the receiving end, by +8 and you will be able to design and build your own weapon variants, or even completely new ones.