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I'm not keen on the idea that the starting level of your character is determined by some lucky dice rolls. This isn't going to stop cheating, but at least everyone starts off at the same point.


Personally, I like characters to start of fairly average and work their way up. I don't think you should start off the best, nor have all the best kit. If you do, you've nothing to aim for. Of course, this is just my personal opinion, it's by no means "correct". If you want to play a more "suped up" game, fine by me!


The default power level, if you will, is 100 points for stats; 50 points for career skills and another 50 for background skills. A player can increase these by taking flaws or spend CP on edges to give other advantages. Originally, the split fell as 120/40/40 but I found this lead to characters with high stats but low skills. If you feel this is too low - change it to suit your gaming style!

I've put a limit on stats at 100 to stop stat monsters. These are characters with high stats and low skills. However, their high stats make up for having low skills, often making them good at everything! I'd rather have characters that are powerful because of what they know, rather than from their raw abilities.

If you want to increase the power of your starting characters, merely increase the amount of points they start with.

Personally, I'd recommend increasing background skills as it gives the most freedom to the starting character.


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