Cyberlimb Index


Dive right it and have a flick through the catalog.... or take your time and read up on the mechanics below...


Rules: How do you power a cyberlimb and how many gadgets can you squeeze in there?


Not all cybernetics are created equally. Sure, you can get a standard limb from Chop-Shop, but it won't be a high-powered as midman and blacktech sourced kit. Street tech limbs have the latest firmwares and military kit is available and don't forget compability.


Sure you can have the basic hand and foot... but how about a freefist or toolhand to help repairs?


Typically limbs come bare metal - so you'll need something to keep the wiring clean. How about vat skin so noone can tell if it's false? Maybe the cheaper option of synskin would suit you? Alternatively, fuck the soft option and go for battle armour or go metalhead with the biomech look.


The little extras to make you superhuman - well almost. Improve your accuracy, run faster or make your limb tougher.


Chip readers, ammo packs and other gizmos.....


State of the art bang-bangs.