Action Coordinator: This an basically an agility booster. The system is a small computer which is patched into both the limb's processor and the wearer's optic nerves (thus requiring a nerve link - another $200). The computer grants the user a greatly enhanced eye to hand coordination. These systems are not unheard of but most retailers will not have any for sale (streetwise [14] task).

The system's processor is designed as a guidance system and controls the cyberlimb through most subtle and graceful motions in machine-like perfection. This allows the user to make even the most minute adjustments to the smallest electronics, balance on one leg or to make the finest adjustments to their aim (especially if they have microvision or a targeting scope to aid direction).

The coordinator grants +1 per level to dexterity and reflex for that limb only. The maximum is level three with each level costing $200. This bonus is not cumulative with other action processors, so if you had a +2 system in each arm you would only have a +2 for both arms not a +4 bonus!

If you only have one cyberleg upgraded then the you only receive a half bonus as the other leg would not be as agile as the boosted one. If both legs have the action coordinator installed then the bonus rules as above apply. The action coordinator takes up one option space in the limb and is located near the nerve input at the top of the limb.

Action Coordinator N Boosts hand-eye co-ordination 500 2


EMP Shielding: This would be a safe investment when there are EMP grenades and microwave beam weapons available. In space, electromagnetic interference plays havoc with unshielded cyberware. EMP shielding helps protect the limb from electronic counter measures and electromagnetic pulses. It is a must if you intend to work in space (either inside or outside). Every three full levels of shielding takes up one option space. Refer to the combat section for EMP rules.

EMP Shielding N Shields limb from EMP 200 Varies


Lightning Reflex: This is an action and cyberlimb movement booster. The unit greatly enhances the user's speed of limb movement but does not sacrifice accuracy. Lightning reflex starts at level one, each extra level costs $300 and the maximum level is level three. The bonus is added to tests concerning speed of limb movement; such as blocking or parrying and initiative rolls when performing an action with the limb.

If placed in both legs this unit increases the wearer's movement score by the level installed. The unit takes up one option slot and is compatible with the action coordinator. Like the action coordinator, this unit may be hard to find (streetwise [15] roll).

Lightning Reflex N Reflex booster 500 Varies


Muscle Enhancement: These are improved muscle plastics and tougher servos. They allow the user to upgrade their limb to pack more power.  Muscle upgrades are not easy to find and require an average [15] streetwise roll for street gear and difficult [20] for military kit.

Each rating increase the limb's strength by one point and each rating is equal to 20% cost of the original limb. Additionally, the limb's strength may not the wearer's strength by more than 25%. Each point of enhanced muscle uses up one option slot.

As military cybertech is more advanced and stronger than off-the-shelf kit, it is harder to augment systems that are already very powerful. All limbs or attachments (hands/feet) may be increased by up to +3 STR. So normal limbs can be increased to STR 9; edgetech limbs can be increased to STR 12 while military grade limbs may be increased to STR 15.

Cybernetic hands and feet replace a large part of the forearm / lower shin but as they do not have large banks of neomuscle they are weaker. So, they are limited to their basic strength +2 although the cost remains the same as for a full limb.

Example:  A normal limb costs $2000 so each rating will cost $400. A cyberhand on would cost $120 per strength point increase and it's maximum STR is 7.

Muscle Enhancement N More power output 250+ Varies


Quick Change Mount: This allows the user to depress some switches and unlock the limb in seconds. A mount can be placed on any cyberlimb or cyberhand and takes up one option slot. However, should the mount be for a different type of limb, ie: normal and military, then the it will have to be specially designed (costing two spaces and $200).

The advantage is that the user can have different cyberlimbs for different occasions, plus if there limb is damaged, they can drop it off for repair and use a spare one (if they could afford it).  So you could have one arm with blades, a popup gun and armour plating if you were expected trouble and another with a hidden cybergun mount, escape tools and a syn skin covering for covert operations.

Quick Change Mount N Limb can be swapped quickly 250 3


Reinforced Design: The internal structure of the cyberlimb is improved with more durable ceralloy composites. There are two levels of this replacement: level one adds five damage points, costs $300 and uses up two spaces. Level two adds ten damage points, costs $600 and uses up five spaces.

Reinforcement N Stronger design 300+ Varies


Sprinters: These are implants for both cyberlegs and are useless unless the wearer has both legs cybernetically replaced. This system is designed to increase running speed and jumping capabilities. This system replaces parts in both the cyberlegs and requires further surgery for the wearer. The cyberlegs have more resilient neomuscles, shock absorbers (yes, shock absorbers) and smoother running joints added.

For the wearer, they must have parts of their pelvis and lower spine replaced with smoothing running reinforced joints to withstand the shocks from the new legs. There are three grades of sprinters available, although the decent gear will require a visit to some specialist technicians (average streetwise roll).

Type Move Opts Identity Loss Cost SW
Cheetah +2 4 D4 1000 12
Mercury +4 5 D6 2000 16
Warp +6 6 2D4 3000 20

Most of the headings are self-explanatory, such as cost and IL. SW is the streetwise rating required; move is the bonus to the wearer's movement stat and opts is the amount of options used.

Sprinters V Improve running speeds 1000+ Varies