These are hands and feet which you can add to your cyberlimb or onto the hand or foot mount you bought. Typically cyberlimbs come supplied with a hand or foot but for a little more money they can be modified or removed.

All types of hand and feet can only have one main function- even if they have increased option space. You cannot have a hand attachment with the grapple option and a set of blades there is not enough room in the hand (or the fingers) for two large systems.

Unless the attachment description says that it is compatible with another hand / foot type you may not mix them. Do not get this restriction confused with options- a cyberhand and cyberfoot can have more than one option installed (providing you have enough option slots) just not more than one attachment system.

Normal Foot: a basic foot attachment and is standard for all limbs.

Normal Hand: is a basic hand attachment and guess what? Yes, it comes as standard.

Freefist: This is a specially designed hand which allows the user to slip out of handcuffs and strip tapes. The hand and wrist rearranges itself making it thinner and more flexible, allowing the cuffs to be slipped off. The process is not instant and takes about twenty seconds (four rounds) because it takes the hand about ten seconds to change and another ten to reform afterwards. The hand can slip cuffs 90% of the time, strip tape 75% and escape rope bindings 50% of the time. If the freefist cannot free the user altogether then the bonds will have been loosened and the hand's movement gives the user a +3 bonus to escaping.

Freefist N Fist changes to slip bindings 200 2


Grapple Hand: This can only be fitted in a cyberarm as it cannot fit in a cyberhand. The hand's fingers invert and move to form a rappling hook and the hook is fired by a modified pistol and has a 20m line attached to it (the pistol fires $1 cartridges). The line and hand can carry up to 15 SIZE points.  The gun has a small winch built into it to aid climbing, albeit fairly slowly.

Grapple Hand N Grapple & launcher, 40m line 400 D4


Grip Foot: This has a extra traction and extendible toes which can wrap around objects like your fingers would. The grip foot can only be used if the toes and sole of the foot are bare. The extra grip grants a +2 bonus to climbing. Grip feet are popular with spacers who use them for running up ladder ways.

Grip Foot N Extra traction & gripping toes 350 2


Magnetic Grips: These are magnetizable units which can be placed in either the hands or feet. They are strong enough to hold a character down in zero gee, allowing the  character to walk fairly normally.

The grips can be used even if the user has gloves or footwear on, so long as they are not too thick (high heels or thick gloves are out). Magnetic grips give the user a +1 modifier (per area installed) to zerobatics tests and recoil resistance in zero gee.

Magnetic Grips N Areas hold on to floor in 0G 200 1


Reach Hand: This is a specially designed hand which has a much bigger span and the fingers can stretch round objects more. The span can increase to 50% more than their normal span and the grip grants a +2 bonus when to holding or grappling tests.

Reach Hand N Extended span and finger reach 375 2


Stealth Foot: Special pads and an impact suppressing design in the foot, greatly increases your sneaking abilities. To be of any use one must be placed in each cyberleg / cyberfoot for this to work. Add +3 when moving very slowly, add +2 at a slow walk and only +1 if running.

Stealth Foot N Lessens footfall. +2 to sneak. 250 2


Tool Foot:

This has small tools which are concealed into the foot. The foot contains a small electric screwdriver, small rotary saw, miniature soldering iron, collection of small spanners and a drill.

Tool Foot N Foot contains mini tools 300 3


Tool Hand: Just as the tool foot, but in a hand mount.

Tool Hand N Hand contains five mini tools 300 3


Web Foot: This has extendible toes which have retractable webbing between each of them. This option is just about useless unless both cyberlegs have this fitted. The webbed feet increase the user's swimming test chances by +2 and increases their speed in metres by 100%

Web Foot N Webbed feet for swimming 300 2


Web Hand: This has webbing which extend along with the fingers so the user can pull more water, thus moving faster. The use of these web hands increases the user's swimming skill by +2 but only increases their speed by half.

Web Hand N Extendible webs for swimming 250 2


Workshop Hand: This is a specially designed hand which does not have fingers or a thumb. They are replaced with a number of small tools. The hand has a built in quick change mount so the hand and a normal hand can be swapped easily. The tools cannot be very large, making them much easier to control and can be used more accurately.

There are a number of versions available as a workshop hand. These include a model for mechanics, medical work, or computer/cyberwear repairs. Having the relevant tool hand adds +2 to repair rolls.

Workshop Hand N Hand replaced with tools 200 2D4