As with any technology, the high street gear is not always the best. Blacktechs work long and hard enhancing dodgy commercial gear, while midmen makes thousands flogging illegal military parts to enhancement hungry street ronin.

Thus, cyberlimbs breakdown into three categories: basic (or normal), edgetech (street gear) and military. With each description is a profile which details the game mechanics for each limb.

Type Identity Cost SDP TK Str Options Max
Location xD6 $6000 x x x x y


These limbs are the ones you can buy in any high-street clinic. They are designed to give excellent sensory feedback and fell like the real thing. If you only need a replacement limb, then one of these is for you. They are most lifelike and thus have the lowest identity loss. However, they are not built for combat or weapon installation.

Type Identity Cost SDP TK Str Options Max
Arm 3D4 $2000 12 -6 6 6 12
Hand 2D4 $600 8 -4 5 1 2
Leg 2D6 $1500 16 -8 6 8 14
Foot 2D4 $500 8 -4 5 1 2


Basic cyberlimbs have two cover styles available; synskin or vat skin. Synskin is not so advanced as it is a nonliving synthetic cover, however, it is very convincing and unlike vat skin, synskin will not bruise or burn (but it can be ripped or shot through). It costs $200, restores D4 identity and does not use any space up.

Vat skin is living tissue which covers the limb with real living skin, complete with hair and growing nails. This costs $500 but due to its more acceptable appearance, it restores (for want of a better word) 2D4 points of identity loss. To use a vat skin cover the wearer must also have some minor modifications done to their limb as the vat tissue requires space for muscles and veins. Therefore, vat skin uses up one option space. If the wearer does not have enough spaces, they cannot install the vat skin.



These limbs have been modified by the various individuals to make them more resilient, stronger and also so that they can hold more options. Edgetech is a term which applies to most street legal technology. The gear is not exactly illegal, but neither is it available in any shop: unless its some combat zone chop shop.

For any of this enhanced gear, a character must pass some average [15] to difficult [25] streetwise rolls to obtain what they want. Midmen are the best people to contact (as ever) and locating a blacktech will take a little while (six days base time). Edgetech is not all that easy to obtain but is well worth the wait. While it is not as advanced as some of the military gear available, it is not illegal and is considerably more user friendly.

Type Identity Cost SDP TK Str Options Max
Arm 3D6 $4000 16 -8 9 8 14
Hand 2D6 $800 10 -5 7 1 4
Leg 3D6 $3500 20 -10 9 10 16
Foot 2D6 $700 10 -5 7 1 4


Street level limbs can have any of the following covers: vat skin, synskin, chrome cover, crystal cover, synskin armour and lower rating battle armour.

As the street can be fairly dangerous, medium grade armours can be found here. Synskin armour is a good option as it gives good protection without being too conspicuous. Full blown military armour is available, but it is rare and a could advert for "Mug me. I've got illegal gear". Besides the social factors, full armouring has a significant affect on the wearer's mind.



Military specification cyberware is very hard to obtain. Any that has reached the streets is likely to have been stolen, or more worryingly stolen from the recently deceased (blood disease anyone?). If you go looking for this type of gear, make sure you are not out of your depth. Arms dealers and terrorists and the least of your worries, undercover cops and hellbent cyberpsychos all await your undivided attention.

Military gear is not designed for peace of mind, it is built with one purpose: kill. Limbs are very tough, they often come with weapons in-built, but be warned they will take you on a very quick trip to mad-land. The limbs are often armoured and even the fingers look like a combat gloves'.

To score some military kit requires at least a very difficult [25], if not absurd [30], streetwise roll and this will have a base time of about eight days. The people who deal in these waters are very, very paranoid. Still, perhaps its worth the wait and no, they don't do trauma prevention.

Type Identity Cost SDP TK Str Options Max
Arm 4D6 $6000 18 -9 12 8 15
Hand 3D6 $1000 12 -6 10 1 5
Leg 4D6 $5500 24 -12 12 10 17
Foot 3D6 $900 12 -6 10 1 5

Military limbs are not designed to look nice and pretty, they are built from hard ceramics and AP resistance plastics. They are made to withstand mortar attacks; even if the host does not. The soft option is to fit synskin armour, but as the limb looks like something out of a BattleMech VR game, it is not very realistic (so this only restores D4 identity). The other option is to go full out and opt for battle armour. This is tough stuff and can withstand most SMG and some rifle attacks. However, armoured hands are fairly obvious and any female ops can forget about looking girly with a battle leg.


Final Notes

As with any technology, the above limbs should be able to take any of the follow enhancements or options.

Characters may find people unwilling to service or fit parts to highly illegal gear. Certainly trauma prevention will not be available (in all but the very best underground clinics) and finding therapy may also be tough ("So, you want me to help you come to terms with that 20mm HEP launcher you had installed? Hmmm....Tell me about your Mother").

Further problems may arise if the wearer is arrested; a fine is unlikely for really hardcore gear, confiscation or even amputation is a possibility. Still, the all depends on how tough the local cops want to be.