Curing Illusions Kinetics Necromancy Onieromancy Protection Veracity Telepathy

Acute: Sight (-1)
Acute: Hearing (-1)
Acute: Smell & Taste (-1)

Effect: Boosts the specified sense by +1 per 2 te invested.

Cost: 2 te per +1, maintained at 1 te

Time: 1 minute

Duration: 10 minutes

Requires: -

Antidote (-2)

Effects: +1 bonus against poisons or toxins (but not diseases or biological weapons). Useful against immediate threats, not possible attacks.

Cost: Two TEP per +1 bonus.

Time: 1 minute to cast.

Duration: 1 minute, or maybe maintained a one TEP per extra minute.

Requires: Purge the Body.

Notes: Sometimes referrred to as The Garafena Rite (from the mythical Russian snake)

Assuagement (-0)

Effects: Negates pain and discomfort. Cancels one point of penalties due to pain per one TEP (double for others however). Add half this bonus to resist being stunned and restore one STUN point per TEP invested..

Cost: Removes -1 pain penalty per one TEP (x2 cost for others). Maybe sustained at one TEP cost per duration.

Time: 1 minute

Duration: 5 minutes

Requires: Touch, herbs or crystal.

Death (-10)

Effects: If the victim fails a battle of wills the sudden rupture internally, have a heart attack or embolism. This black rite causes them to take 3D6 internal damage (regardless of armour). They will take another 2D6 internal damage unless treated medically within a number of minutes equal to their endurance score.

Cost: 10 te

Time: 60 minutes

Duration: Instant

Requires: Evil Eye and Domination. Referees may rule that the caster must either make eye to eye contact OR the ritual must be performed with a sympathetic link to the target.

Healing Hands (-2)

Effects: Add +1 to first aid or medical tests.

Cost: 2 te per +1

Time: 20 minutes

Duration: During the ritual the caster is performing first aid.

Requires: Crystals, herbs or bandages, etc.

Nightvision (-2)

Effects: See in near darkness (up to 50m). A sudden flash of light may blind the caster for D6 rounds if an END roll is failed.

Cost: Two te per 10 minutes. Sustainable at one te per duration.

Time: 2 minutes

Duration: 10 minutes

Requires: A light source of around 60W bulb within 50m.

Pain (-4)

Effects: Cause sharp stabbing pain in target. May specify exact location for an extra te point. NB: this spell is affected by implants (ie: pain editors or drugs).

Cost: Three TEP per -1 penalty. (penalty to all victim's subsequent actions).

Time: 2 minutes

Duration: 2 minutes

Requires: Assuagement

Panacea (-4)

Effects: Prevent infection or disease.

Cost: 2 te per +1 bonus against disease or infection (inc. bioweapons, but not poisons).

Time: Ten minutes

Duration: One day (24 hours)

Requires: Antidote

Paralysis (-6)

Effects: Paralyse a specified limb (not torso or head). (Victim gets a battle of wills to resist). NB: A paralysed leg halves the victim's move rate.

Cost: Four te (two per duration afterwards)

Time: 2 minutes

Duration: 2 minutes

Requires: Pain

Purge The Body (-1)

Effects: Purge the caster's body of all drugs (ie: alcohol or acid), toxins (fumes?) or poisons (venom or plant). Make one END roll with a bonus of +1 per two TEP to purge. Only one roll allowed per substance.

Cost: Two te per +1 bonus

Time: 3 minutes

Duration: One roll against each current drug, toxin or poison.

Requires: -

Restoration (-6)

Effects: Boosts the body's healing ability (in addition to any medical treatment or cyberware). The recipient makes a recovery roll as normal but when they succeed, they gain one healing point per 4 te invested into the ritual. If they fumble, no extra healing takes and the ritual fails. However, a critical success means an additional point is healed!

Cost: 4 te per +1 healing bonus

Time: 20 minutes

Duration: 24 hours (enough for one day's healing).

Requires: Healing Hands and Panacea.

Safeguard (-5)

Effects: Aid stabilisation of a patient. Add bonus to stabilisation roll as if caster had first aid.

Cost: Two te per +1 to stabilisation roll.

Time: 2 minutes

Duration: Bonus lasts for 4 minutes (two stabilisation attempts). The effects are permanent, unless the subject is damaged again.

Requires: Healing, first aid kit (or similar) and touch.

Curing Illusions Kinetics Necromancy Onieromancy Protection Veracity Telepathy