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Illusions are all in the mind of the victim. So unless the description says otherwise, illusions will not be captured on film. However, recording an ongoing illusionary event while the spell is active, will show the illusion to have been recorded. Illusions never do any damage to the subject, they may cause pain however (burns, loud noise, etc).

All phantoms require the caster to win a battle of wills against his targets. Once the target fails, they believe the illusion to be real for the duration of the spell. If the battle is lost, the subjects notice nothing and carry on regardless. When targeting a subject, the caster may target multiple people but at a penalty of +1 ritual difficulty per extra person.

If the caster makes an illusion of something they are not personally familiar with, or the illusion is something that is very out of the ordinary (to the subject) - the subjects are entitled to a second battle of wills roll to ignore the illusion (GM's discretion again). Those passing the test will shake off the vision and may put it down to tiredness or simply being mistaken. Targets who have knowledge of magic (the occult or sensing skill at +3 or any spell skill or +4 or more) may make a perception roll to realise they've been suggested.

Assume (-2)

Effects: Makes the caster very unobtrusive, almost forgettable. This allows them to loose themselves in the crowd. Anyone encountering the caster must make a battle of wills or will assume the caster to be just another ordinary joe (in fact they will be hard pressed to remember what the person they saw looked like. They won't remember or may lie). The downfall of this spell is that a solider told not to let anyone pass will still stop the caster and security cameras are not affected by this either.

Cost: 2 te (1 to maintain)

Time: 2 minutes

Duration: 5 minutes

Requires: A large crowd of people and persuasion.

Cloak (-1)

Effects: Quietens footfalls, blends into shadows, etc (does affect cameras or audio sensors). If the caster is: stationary, add +2; moving slowly, add nothing; running means -2.

Cost: Two te per +1 to stealth and hide rolls. [Then 1 te to maintain per ten minutes]

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: 30 minutes

Requires: Nearby cover, ie: wall, shadows or similar.

Illusion (simple) (-0)

Effects: Create a simple illusionary effect (it's all in the mind). The subject makes a battle of wills against the caster, each extra target incurs a -1 penalty to casting the spell. Being unfamiliar with the illusionary object gives the victim's +2 to resist it. Valid illusions could be:

Most simple illusion use something "real" as a basis for a phantom. Eg: as above, a piece of paper as a bank note; a rock as a grenade or a remote control for a cell phone.

Cost: 3 te (1 to maintain per duration)

Time: 5 minutes.

Duration: 10 minutes

Requires: Persuasion

Illusion (complex) (-3)

Effects: Create an object that feels real. Ie: a book would have weight, texture, smell and it's pages would rustle when opened and could be ripped out. Likewise, an illusory person could talk, make footsteps, be touched and feel heavy.

Complex illusions require the caster to be familiar with the subject he is creating (GM's discretion). An additional average [15] ritual test is required if complex actions are involved: ie, talking, an item being broken or dismantled. Failing this roll means the subject's are allowed a further roll to ignore the illusion. Phantom weather conditions can be created with this ritual.

Cost: 4 te (2 te to maintain per duration)

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: 10 minutes

Requires: Illusion (simple)

Illusion (complete) (-6)

Effects: This ritual takes over the subject's entire sensorium. They feel whatever the caster wants them to. However, while things may hurt, they never take any damage. Victims may either stand as if in a trance, or react as if the illusionary world was real (caster's choice - but GM's discretion).

Cost: 6 te (3 to maintain per duration)

Time: 20 minutes

Duration: 10 minutes

Requires: Domination and Illusion (complex)

Invisibility (-6)

Effects: The caster forces people to not see him. (This does not make him invisible from cameras or other sensors, rather victims will not notice the caster unless reviewing the tape). Make a note of the spell's successes! Victim's should make a battle of wills otherwise they will see the caster.

If the caster interacts with the environment (opens doors, moves objects) within the victim's sight, they are entitled another battle of wills test, but at a +2 bonus. If the caster strikes or runs into a subject, they automatically see the caster.

Cost: 6 te or 4 te to maintain

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: 10 minutes

Requires: Cloak, Domination and Illusion (Complex)

Veil (-2)

Effect: This is rite uses forces to dampen the caster's own power. Should any magician or spell attempt to discern this magician's ability, add this spell skill level to the difficulty rating.

Cost: 1 te to active for one day.

Time: 5 minutes

Duration: 24 hours

Requires: Any illusion spell.

Curing Illusions Kinetics Necromancy Onieromancy Protection Veracity Telepathy