Curing Illusions Kinetics Necromancy Onieromancy Protection Veracity Telepathy

Crush (-5)

Effects: A psychokinetic attack to the target causing 3D6 damage. The caster makes a ranged attack using her ritual as the basic skill. If the caster has medical knowledge of +4 or more, they may target internal organs (which increases the stun damage by an extra 2D6).

Cost: 5 te causes 3D6 damage (not stackable).

Time: 1 minute

Duration: Instant

Requires: Move and Mindhand

Deflection (-3)

Effects: Psychokinesis is used to deflect attacks or missiles. Every 3 te points grants a -1 hit penalty to anyone attempting to hit the recipient.

Cost: 3 te per rating (sustained at 2 te).

Time: 2 minute

Duration: 1 minute

Requires: -

Mindhand (-1)

Effects: Psychokinesis and a type of remote sensing allows the caster to manipulate objects and feel as if they were holding them. The mental grasp only works if the caster can see the object (such as through glass or with thermograph). For purposes of using an items, the caster's DEX, TECH and MANIP become equal to an average of the caster's spell skill level and sorcery base.

Cost: 4 te, 2 to maintain

Time: 2 minutes

Duration: 5 minutes

Requires: Move

Protective Field (-4)

Effects: An invisible aura surrounds the caster and deadens incoming impacts. Every 3 te invested at the point of casting, creates a field of 1/1 AP with 10 SDP. The maximum AP than can be created is equal to the caster's ritual skill. The spell ends if the SDP is reduced to zero.

Cost: 3 te per 1/1 AP and 10 SDP. (2 te to maintain).

Time: 1 minute

Duration: 2 minutes

Requires: Deflection and Crush

Move (-0)

Effects: A small object targeted by the caster can be pushed towards or away. Items such as a credit card or coinage are easy to move (2 te); wallets or small books (4 te); pistols or cell phones are the limit (6 te). The spell is not accurate enough to press keys, squeeze triggers or pull pins, but can be used to pull light switch cords on or knock vases over.

Cost: Variable - maintaining costs half the initial te.

Time: One minute

Duration: One minute

Requires: Line of sight to the target.

Curing Illusions Kinetics Necromancy Onieromancy Protection Veracity Telepathy