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Command Spirit (-2)

Effect: This ritual is often used when a summoned spirit arrives. Spirits who are indifferent ore reluctant to carry out a duty may be bound by this rite.

Once summoned the magician may use this spell to control the target. The subject makes a battle of wills and for each point of failure, the magician may set it one task.

The referee should decide if the task is reasonable and a spirit may twist the command should it so wish.

Spirits bribed with sacrifices may be more willing to cooperate than commanded spirits. What the sacrifice is depends on the spirit; it could be a favourite food, a drug (tobacco, pot or alcohol), a piece of music or even an animal sacrifice.

Cost: 4 te.

Time: 1 minute.

Duration: Until the tasks are completed or the spirit is dispelled/destroyed.

Requires: The spirit must be present. Persuasion and Spirit Tongues.

Call Spirit (-0)

Effect: This lengthy ritual is used to invoke a named spirit. The magician should have suitable offerings. These vary but some include the spirit's favourite food; a piece of music; sacrificial animal or material link (ie: the deceased's blood soaked shirt).

The referee may grant a bonus from +1 to +3 depending on the suitability of the sacrifices. Should the summoner have nothing to offer, the referee may penalise the magician accordingly (-1 to -2).

Cost: 5 te

Time: 60 minutes

Duration: See above.

Requires: Persuasion and Spirit Tongues.

Banish Spirit (-4)

Effect: The banish ritual is used to force a spirit back into the spirit realm. The subject must pass a battle of wills roll to resist expulsion. Additionally, they are prevented from returning to that site by one day per point they failed the battle by.

Cost: 3 te

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: Instant, but see above.

Requires: Command

Ghost Vision (-1)

Effect:Using this magic, the caster may see all spirits as if they were materialised. This vision has a range of two meters per spell skill level. Should a spirit wish to remain hidden, the caster must beat the spirit in a willpower resistance roll.

Cost: 3 te, 2 to maintain.

Time: 5 minutes.

Duration: 15 minutes.

Requires: Lifesense.

Soul Stealing (-9)

Effect:This evil rite allows the magician to draw out and trap a target's soul. The subject must pass a battle of wills test to resist. If they are not physically present, they gain a +4 bonus to resist. Furthermore, the magician will suffer penalties due to long range. Should the victim fail to resist, his soul is stolen and trapped into a container near the magician. Typical containers include jars, bottles, mirrors or in rare instances; VDU screens or paintings.

The victim now suffers a -5 penalty to resist any magics used by the magician. Even worse, should the subject die, his soul will remain on earth as a ghost, under the control of the magician. This will last until the ghost is released by the magician, or the vessel is destroyed.

Cost: 10 te

Time: 60 minutes

Duration: Until the spirit is released or vessel broken.

Requires: Call Spirit, Domination and Lifesense.

Spirit Circle (-5)

Effect: This ritual creates a ward which spirits find difficult to enter. The ward has a basic diameter of one meter, but the magician may increase this. Increasing the size increases the ritual's difficult and te cost by one per extra meter. The maximum size is equal to the caster's spell skill. Any spirit attempting to enter the ward or look inside it, must make a battle of wills roll at -2. Even if they manage to break into the circle, they suffer -1 penalties due to unease while inside.

Although similar to the Warding ritual, this circle may be entered or left without destroying the spell's protection. It also prevents a spirit from seeing into the circle, unless the spirit passes the battle of wills. If a possessed person enters the ward, the possessor must pass the battle of wills to enter the ward. If the possessor fails the roll, they may not enter the ward. If they are dragged into the circle, they must make another battle of wills or be exorcised. But if they pass this second roll, the may enter the circle. Many naive magicians have fallen into thinking that the host is now free, only to be unpleasantly surprised later on.....

Cost: 5 te (1 meter diameter); 3 te to maintain, (regardless of the circle's size).

Time: 20 minutes

Duration: 1 hour

Requires: Warding. Also materials to mark out a boundary and/or runes/vévés to complete the circle.

Spirit Tongues (-2)

Effect: This spell allows the magician to talk telepathically with any spirit he knows. The spell is subject to the long range modifiers and if the spirit is in spell's range, it will reply automatically. The conversation will last until the end of the ritual, or if the parties break off communication.

In some circumstances, spirits can hear their name being called (ie: at place of death or burial). With this spell, a spirit outside the range will know it is has been called by the caster. It does not have to reply or make contact, it merely knows that the magician has tried to call to it.

A friendly spirit may travel to the caster and establish it's own link (referee's discretion).

Cost: 2 te, 1 to maintain

Time: 5 minutes

Duration: 1 minute per spell skill level.

Requires: -

Spirit Walk (-8)

Effect: This rare and powerful ritual allows the magician to become a ghost at their death. When the rite is carried out, the caster automatically dies at the end of the spell. The caster must make a very difficult [25] willpower roll. Each point of ritual success adds a +1 bonus to this willpower roll.

Should the magician pass this test, he dies and joins the spirit realm. He will be very weak and will only have one te point. Remember, a character cannot use any more luck points than they have in target skill. Should the magician have any spiritual helpers, he may gain a bonus to stay on earth.

This is subject to referee discretion and how the character has acted with the spirits. The modifier should range from +1 to +4. Someone who has aided the spirits will be more likely to be helped, than someone who bound and dominated them. Indeed, certain spirits may not want the magician to stay in this realm!

Cost: 15 te (magician must have this to complete the ritual).

Time: 60 minutes

Duration: Permanent

Requires: Journey of the Mind's Eye and Soul Stealing.

Soul Reading (-6)

Effect: This ritual allows the caster to experience the last few moments of the decease's life. The magic makes minor telepathic contact with the departed and the spirit must fail a battle of wills for the caster to sense anything. For every point of failure by the spirit, the magician receives a minutes worth of the last few moments of life. The experience will be disjointed due to the soul's transition and subsequent confusion of the spirit. Death is not always a pleasant experience, sometimes a horror roll is required!

Whatever information revealed by this ritual will be difficult to interpret or may even be misleading. The spirit could have been reminiscing about lost loved ones, or even only just aware he was dying. Just as concussion victims do not remember being hit, the dead may not fully remember their death.

Cost: 4 te

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: Special, see above.

Requires: Physical contact with the deceased. Spirit Tongues and Psychometry.

Torment the Dead (-7)

Effect: This unwholesome ritual can be used to torment a spirit by torturing it's old body. For this reason, the caster must have part of the body to work with. Once begun the magician sets to work and the spirit must make a battle of wills roll to resist the torturous onslaught.

Spirits that fail the battle will agree to a single particular task; OR the magician may use the success points as a bonus to a Command Spirit ritual. The duration and casting time of the ritual are the same, as the torture in ongoing. However, the ritual is carried out, the spirit makes its resistance at the end of the torment.

Cost: 2 te

Time: 15 minutes

Duration: 15 minutes

Requires: Spirit Tongues and part of the subject's body.

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