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Onieromancy is the command over sleep and the realm of dreams. Dream magic is subtle, but as even the most powerful must sleep, it can be very potent. In the dream world, onieromancers may use any other mind affecting magics. Eg: telepathy, metasenses or illusions, etc. (subject to referee veto).

Accelerated Slumber (-2)

Effect: Once this ritual is completed, the magician will be able to sleep straight away. Indeed, every two hours of sleep count as if he had had three hours. (So a mage could have a comfy nine hours sleep after only six hours of real time).

Note that this ritual is not powerful enough to accelerate te regain, so te should be regained based on the actual time slept.

Cost: 3 te

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: One night's sleep.

Requires: Concentration.

Call Forth Night's Terrors (-7)

Effect: This rite invades the victim's sleep and dredges up their most hideous nightmare. The dream can be anything from a phobia; a childhood monster or situation. The target must pass a battle of wills to oust the dream.

If the spell is successful, the subject has a really bad dream and upon waking must make a horror roll. This roll is made more difficult by each point the battle of will's roll was failed by.

Cost: 5 te.

Time: 20 minutes

Duration: Until the victim awakes (or four hours maximum)

Requires: Empathy and Visitation.

Conditional Sleep (-3)

Effect: This ritual should be cast before the magician readies for sleep. It allows the caster to wake up should a certain condition be satisfied. Every condition above one qualifies as +1 ritual difficulty.

Typical conditions are:

I will wake at 7am; I will only sleep for six hours; I will awake should anyone enter the room; I will awake at the smell of smoke; I will wake up if the telephone rings.

It would be possible to have sleep unless a stranger enters the room, but the magician would have to specify friends and each one adds +1 difficulty to the ritual.

Cost: 3 te

Time: 15 minutes

Duration: One night's sleep (or twelve hours max).

Requires: Lucid Dreaming.

Deep Sleep (-1)

Effect: This meditative ritual grants the magician a deep and very restful period of sleep. The caster will sleep well even if they slept rough (like on a bench or under a car).

The magician regains te at a rate of four per hour and can choose when to wake up (ie: I only want to sleep six hours; or I will wake at 3am, etc). Should the magician be very tired, or at zero te, the GM may overrule this (or call for a willpower roll).

Cost: 3 te

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: One period of sleep.

Requires: Concentration and Accelerated Slumber.

Eidetic Dreaming (-2)

Effect: This spell may be used on the magician or another target. When completed, the subject will remember all of their dreams. This does not mean that the dream will not be forgotten over a period of time however.

Cost: 2 te

Time: 5 minutes

Duration: One night's sleep (or twelve hours).

Requires: Lucid Dreaming.

Dream Prison (-7)

Effect: With this magic, the caster traps the victim in the dreamworld. The subject cannot wake up nor be woken; they are effectively in coma (although their soul is active).

The victim makes a battle of wills roll and for each point of failure, they are stuck in the dreamworld for two hours.

No contact may be made with the victim, not even via telepathy. However, strong dream magic may allow someone to visit the victim. This requires a willpower resistance roll between the caster and the invading magician. Success or draw on the caster's part means the transgressor is unable to reach the victim.

Cost: 6 te

Time: 30 minutes

Duration: Two hours per failure point of the victim, unless released prematurely by the caster.

Requires: Visitation, Persuasion and Lure of Sleep.

Dreamguard (-4)

Effect: This is rite creates a circle of protection in the physical world. Should anyone sleep in that area, they gain a bonus to resist any dream magics targeted at them.

The spell creates a ward of one meter diameter per spell skill level of the caster. Every two te points invested grant a +1 resistance bonus.

Cost: 2 te per +1 resistance bonus.

Time: 15 minutes

Duration: 24 hours

Requires: Concentration

Insomnolence (-2)

Effect: Through this spell, the caster forces herself to stay awake. Indeed, she may stay awake for twenty four hours without penalty.

However, while the caster does not need sleep, she must stop to rest her body to prevent physical exhaustion or eat occasionally. Additionally, the caster can only regain te at the active or inactive rates (1 te per hour and 1 te per three hours respectively).

This rite allows complete wakefulness for a twenty four hour period and costs four te. Should the caster attempt to use this rite again, without a full night's rest, the te cost rises by two te per night's sleep missed. Thus, a seventy two hour wake costs eight te.

Regardless of how much te is expended, a magician may not go without sleep for more than one day per two spell skill levels (round down). Should she try to exceed this, the ritual will fail.

Cost: 4 te for 24 hours. (48 = 6te; 72 = 8te).

Time: 30 minutes

Duration: As above.

Requires: Wakeful Rest and Deep Sleep.

Lucid Dreaming (-0)

Effect: This short rite allows the caster to control the subject and environment of their own dreams. This is sometimes referred to as the dreamscape. This spell is frequently used as a prelude to using more dream magics.

Cost: 1 te

Time: 5 minutes

Duration: Until woken.

Requires: Can be cast just before or even during sleep.

Lure of Sleep (-1)

Effect: This ritual lulls the target into nodding off or staying asleep.

A battle of wills roll is required and each success point means the subject will sleep soundly for ten minutes. The target will awaken should there be any loud noises or "manhandling".

Subjects stood to attention or driving, are harder to affect; they receive a +1 bonus to resist. Should they fumble the battle of wills (by rolling a ten) they will move to a resting position or pull over and stop.

Likewise, targets who are dogged tired have a -2 penalty to resist the suggestion.

Should the victim be awake the caster must talk to the target and may mix the suggestion into casual conversation. The spell does not normally work over the telephone, but if the magician extends the spell's range it will (see Long Range, above).

Cost: 3 te

Time: 2 minutes.

Duration: The victim will sleep normally as if they had just "dropped off".

Requires: Persuasion.

Visitation (-3)

Effect: Through this spell, the magician links with the dreamworld and can enter another's dreams. The target is allowed a battle of wills to resist this.

Once inside the target's dreams, the caster may alter the dreamscape as they wish. The subject always remembers this dream fully and it can vary from a relaxing conversation to a hideous nightmare.

Should the victim somehow realise the truth and attempt to banish the wizard, each party makes a resistance test on willpower. Should the magician fail this roll, they are forced out of their target's dreams.

Cost: 3 te.

Time: 10 minutes.

Duration: Until the subject awakes or caster ceases the link.

Requires: Lucid dreaming and the caster must be in a trance or asleep.

Wakeful Rest (-5)

Effect: With this magic, the caster may rest fully although somehow be fully aware of his surroundings. Should anyone enter the caster's room or interact with the caster's body; the magician is allowed a perception test without sleep penalties.

However, should the caster be busy with other matters, he will suffer some penalty due to distraction. [NB: regain te at 2/hour]

Cost: 3 te, 1 to maintain.

Time: 5 minutes

Duration: 1 hour

Requires: Conditional Sleep.

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