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Aegis (-8)

Effects: A protective ceremony which twists probabilities. The caster is never hit by friendly fire or falling debris. Fragmentation shells do a third damage and all direct attacks are at -5 to hit.

Cost: 10 te

Time: 60 minutes

Duration: 24 hours

Requires: Alerting Ward. Additionally, the caster makes an amulet - typically a necklace or similar. This should be worn close to the skin.

Alerting Ward (-3)

Effects: The ritual can be used to place an alarm on either a room (of average size) or a single door or window. Should the room be entered or object disturbed, then the caster will know that someone has tripped the ward (but not who has). The ward can be set to ignore certain people, but this increases the ritual's difficult rating by one each time.

Cost: 2 te then 1 per day

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: 24 hours

Requires: Chalk, dust or some sort of marking (to either the door or object).

Reversal (-7)

Effects: Magic is used to bounce back harmful spells to the original caster. Roll to cast the ritual and record the successes gained. Add this to the caster's willpower and record it, as this is the ritual's spell strength. During the initial ritual, the caster makes a small mirror or necklace as a charm.

Any hostile spells should have their successes recorded, and added to the attacker's willpower. Each party then rolls D10 adding their spell's strength. If the reversal spell wins or there is a draw, the incoming spell is rebounded back to the original caster whereupon he takes the effects as normal (regardless of range and no, he cannot drop the spell, he must resist it). Obviously, if the attacking spell wins the spell breaks the reversal ritual (plus the charm breaks).

Cost: 6 te

Time: 30 minutes

Duration: 24 hours - or until the spell fails to defend (whichever is first).

Requires: Aegis and Tower of Will. Additionally, the caster must make a charm using a small mirror or necklace. This must be worn and breaks when the spell ends or is violated.

Tower of Will (-2)

Effects: With concentration and occult forces, the caster guards her thoughts and spirit. Every 3 te gives +1 to resist any battle of wills (including possession, suggestion or mind reading).

Cost: 3 te per +1 bonus, 2 te to maintain

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: 1 hour

Requires: -

Warding (-6)

Effects: Drawing a circle, the caster creates a barrier against the spirit realm. Anyone inside the barrier will not be detected by spirits - indeed, anyone using Journey of the Mind's Eye will notice nothing (the circle does not even exist!). A simple resistance test using spell strength should be used as per the Reversal ritual. Again, success, or a draw, by the Warding ritual means those inside the circle are not spotted. A failed roll means the ward is broken, the spell ends and those inside are revealed.

The circle should be draw out clearly using chalk or crushed herbs (however, marker pens or spray paint works just as well). Once the circle is made, anyone crossing the marked boundary will dispel the ritual instantly. Wind or debris will not break the circle, only someone walking across the boundary will. A normal circle will have a one meter diameter which has the normal cost of 3 te. Every meter above this increases the difficulty by one and the initial te cost. A caster is limited to a circle diameter of his Warding spell skill in meters.

Cost: 3 te (1m diameter), 2 te to maintain (regardless of the circle's size).

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: 1 hour

Requires: Tower of Will and any Illusion ritual. Additionally, a material to mark out the circle and runes or vévés. It is possible to score or carve the circle out, although the only benefit is that it does not need to be redrawn.

Curing Illusions Kinetics Necromancy Onieromancy Protection Veracity Telepathy