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Bless Machine (-0)

Effect: The caster blesses a target object (cyberware, sensor or tool) with the names of the Machine Spirits. At any time, the benefactor using the item may reroll any skill test, resistance roll or saving throw and take the best of either roll. This reroll can be called after the test has been made, but as it can only be re-rolled once, it is best to save it for really dire circumstances.

Cost: 3 te per item

Time: 30 minutes

Duration: This lasts for until midnight or the dawn of the next day (whichever is the longest).

Requires: -

Call Cybernetic Intelligence (-8)

Effect: This is a summoning spell that calls a cybernetic intelligence to the caster. This can be a specific AI or a Machine Spirit.

Whoever is called will contact the caster within D6 days by electronic means (in an interactive audio or video media - not e-mail!!). The entity can be asked for perform a task or the technomancer may attempt to bind them, thus forcing them to help (although this may not be appreciated).

Computer based AIs may be confused about why they are calling and a binding spell may be necessary to prevent them leaving almost straight away.

Cost: 5 te

Time: 60 minutes

Duration: As above

Requires: Command Cybernetic Intelligence, Control Machine, Find Machine

Command Cybernetic Intelligence (-7)

Effect: This rite binds a summoned cybernetic entity to the caster's wishes - after all not everyone would take kindly to be forced into a task, so why should machine intelligence's be any different? As summoning spells are rarely instanteous, this spell can be precast. The subject makes a battle of wills and for every two points of failure, the magician may set it one task.

The referee should decide if the task is reasonable and an intelligent entity may twist the words of the instructions to it's own ends. In term's of binding the entity, the referee may grant bonuses (+1 to +3) to the rite if the technomancer has any gifts that the entity might want. These could include rare books, information on other intelligence's or even powerful computer hardware.

Cost: 4 te

Time: 1 minutes

Duration: Until the task is carried out of the Entity is dispelled, crashed or destroyed.

Requires: Control Machine, Find Machine

Control Machine (-5)

Effect: The caster takes control of the target device as if he was sat at the controls. Thus cameras can be made to take pictures, keyboards will enter data (without moving!), lifts will move to new floors and smartguns will fire. For large objects, such as cars, the caster should specify if they are attempted to control just a small part of the system, or the whole thing (see the machine resistance table below).

The caster must make a battle of wills against the device's owner or operator, although if no owner is present the machine can be considered to have it's own willpower (see below). Once the device is under the control of the caster, he may do as he wishes but if the operator tries to override the caster's control, another willpower attempt is required.

Should the caster succeed by more than five success points, then they may make the device ignore all commands (other than the technomancers) and computer's will behave as if being operated by a superuser (see the computer section).

This rite does give the caster the ability to use the item as if he was holding it, but it does not grant powers to control the device utterly. For example, an electronic lock could be told to ignore information from it's keypad, but the caster could not unlock it without the keycode.

Cost: 5 te, 3 to maintain

Time: 2 minutes

Duration: 5 minutes

Requires: Data Translation

Crash (-4)

Effect: The targeting device fails completely and must be restarted. Engines will stall; mobile phones will shutdown; cyberoptics will wink out and life support machines may fail. Obviously, this ritual can be fatal in some cases.

As with the control machine rite, the caster must make a battle of wills and this is based against the operator's willpower, or if the machine is unused, it's own (see the machine resistance table below).

Well made items, or equipment that is designed to resist failing, may have +1 to it's effective willpower (at the referee's discretion). Likewise, poorly maintained items may have a -1 penalty when resisting crashes.

How long the device takes to restore itself depends on it's complexity and if any skilled operators are available. Typically, a device will only fail for a short period (say D6 x 10 seconds). But a critical success on the caster's part, will cause the machine to be down for D4 hours!

Cost: 4 te

Time: 5 minutes

Duration: Instant

Requires: Curse Machine, Data Translation

Curse Machine (-1)

Effect: The caster calls down the wrath of the machine spirits and damns the users of the item. Until the end of the spell, anyone using the item will suffer a -3 penalty as it is dropped, difficult to grasp and downright awkward to use.

Cost: 2 te

Time: 3 minutes

Duration: Until midnight or dawn of the next day (whichever is sooner).

Requires: -

Data Translation (-2)

Effect: The caster uses this ritual to translate computer data into a comprehensible form. The spell will translate any data format known to computers including some old forgotten or classified ones. So, holding a music chip would play the music for the caster while a video chip would let the caster see and hear the contents. Word processed documents will appear as printed pages in the caster's mind and 3D schematics can be viewed as he were holding or stood by the object.

The one thing the spell will not do is translate encrypted information unless the technomancer knows the access key. Encrypted documents will show up as ethereal webs of characters which make little sense. Furthermore, the spell cannot translate one language to another. So the caster must know the language in order to comprehend it (unless he has a different spell).

Cost: 4 te, 2 to maintain

Time: 5 minutes

Duration: 10 minutes

Requires: -

The Digital Pariah (-7)

Effect: This rite causes all electronic sensors to ignore the caster. Laser trips will not go off, motion sensors will ignore him and sentry guns will be safe to pass. Video cameras and cyberoptics will show the caster to a human operator, but the caster will not appear on any video tape or digital storage!

Cost: 6 te or 4 te to maintain

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: 10 minutes

Requires: Control Machine, Hang

Find Machine (-1)

Effect: The ritual allows the caster to sense all machines with a radius equal to the square of the caster's spell skill. The caster can screen for a particular object or just a type of object. This spell can sense through walls, but not through lead or other radio blocks. For more advanced searches, the Seeking rite is suggested.

Cost: 2 te, 1 to sustain

Time: 1 minute

Duration: 5 minutes

Requires: -

The Ghost Within (-6)

Effect: The caster tunes in their mind's eye to that of a target sensor. The technomancer must pass a battle of wills on the target machine. Some surveillance systems are audio/visual, while the more basic are simply vision only. In these instances, it increases the spell's difficulty by three points and costs an extra 2 te points for each extra sense. This rite does not allow the caster to sense through a person's cybernetics, but it can be used to view through a camera the target is recording through. A more powerful rite called The Rider Within allows a technomancer to ghost through a person's cybernetics.

It is possible to ghost into an entire security suite, but the caster will still need to make a battle of wills roll against each device he wishes to sense through. This costs an extra 2 te points but the caster will be aware of which devices are nearest his target, and he can switch from remote to remote as the target moves.

Cost: 6 te, 3 to maintain

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: 15 minutes

Requires: Control Machine, Machine Language

Hang (-5)

Effect: This rite is very similar to the Crash spell, except it causes the device to stop working until attended. The item will stop working until a reboot or simple repair is carried out (an average [15] tech or operations roll required).

Cost: 5 te

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: Until repaired!

Requires: Crash

Machine Language (-3)

Effect: This spell allows the caster to talk telepathically with the item he is touching. He may ask the device one question per two success points of the ritual. Sadly, the depth of the reply depends the complexity of the device (see the machine resistance table below). If the item does not know the answer, or the question is too complicated, it will simply reply "I do not know" (machines being cryptic at the best of times). Most machines will not have a memory, although complicated systems may remember someone if that person uses them frequently.

Questions such as "has anyone walked by here in the last ten minutes?" or "have you been repaired recently?" will be answered to the best of the item's ability. Asking "Has Bob the Serial Killer walked by here?" wouldn't get an answer, as a machine won't know who Bob is. A remote control could tell you that it was picked up and used recently, but not by who. It certainly wouldn't have the intelligence to tell you who used it was either. On the other hand, a car with autopilot could tell you where it was driven, when it went and if it's owner drove it (a hire car would have difficulty with the term "owner" as it is used by many people).

If the system has sensors, it may be possible for the caster to provide information on the target for the machine to work upon. So, a cash machine could be asked "did you serve someone with this credit card ID recently?" and a video camera could be asked "when did you last see this person?". Items with sensors, but lacking vision, like a lift, could say "I picked up two passengers on floor six, one got out on level three and the other went to the basement". What qualifies a passenger is up to the lift though.....

As with any information gathering spell, the results will only be as good as the questions asked and the Referee is by no means under oath to reveal things he doesn't want to.

Cost: 4 te

Time: 5 minutes

Duration: 10 minutes, or until all the questions have been asked.

Requires: Reveal Function

Machine Memory (-2)

Effect: This spell allows the caster to store computer data by memory or by binding it into an object. However, it does not allow the caster to read the contents of the files, merely store it. The technomancer uses either their dataplugs or the machine language spell to transfer data.

The rite allows 20 Mu to be stored and for every additional te point invested in the spell, another 10 Mu of data can be stored. At the end of the duration the spell's energy and the data held in it vanish. Should the caster bind the data to a physical object, say a credstick or old silicon chip, the spell's energy will last longer, typically 90 minutes or more (subject to te investment). Items with data bound into them cannot be read by computer, but can be accessed by anyone knowing this rite. To other magicians, the object will register some magical charge but they may not be sure why.

Cost: 2 te, maintained at 1 te.

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: 60 minutes if memorized, 90 minutes if bound to an object.

Requires: -

Machine Resurrection (-4)

Effect: This ritual allows the caster to repair almost any machine and if successful, the repair will be of the finest workmanship. The caster should have a the relevant toolkit and some spares available before starting the ritual. Despite the magic involved in the ritual, no miracles are performed and a trashed data storage system may not hold all it's data successfully (ref's discretion based on repair roll and ritual success)..

The caster begins the ritual and at the end of it, the spell attempts to fix broken circuits, mend cut wires and even restore firmware. The object automatically regards either D6 x 10% of it's lost damage points, or D6 x 10% of the cost to repair the item. Furthermore, the caster gains a bonus to the repair roll of +1 per two success points of the ritual.

Cost: 8 te

Time: 120 minutes

Duration: 60 minutes (one repair per ritual)

Requires: A set of tools, some spares and the Reveal Function spell.

Recovery (-2)

Effect: This spell works in harmony with data recovery technologies. A successful casting grants a bonus of +1 per two success points to any task relating to recovering files or data held in a digital media. The caster merely had to touch the media and run the repair software. Should anyone else run the software for the technomancer, the repair bonus is halved.

Cost: 3 te

Time: 10 minutes

Duration: Instant

Requires: Data Translation

Reveal Function (-1)

Effect: This rite lets the caster query the function of a device being held. Every point of success reveals one of the item's functions - starting with the simplest first. The ref may give a rough overview of an item's performance if the item is very complicated technology.

Cost: 2 te

Time: 2 minutes

Duration: Instant

Requires: -

The Rider Within (-8)

Effect: This is a more powerful version of the Ghost Within ritual and allows the caster to use another person's cybernetic senses. On a successful battle of wills roll, the mage may look through a person's cyberoptics (but only use which functions are active at that time) or hear through their cyberaudio. If the target has more than one system, the technomancer may tune into that system at an increased difficulty of +3 and an extra 3 te points. This spell has no effect on someone without audio, visual or tactile cybernetics; nor does it affect people with bioware implants.

Cost: 6 te, 4 to maintain

Time: 15 minutes

Duration: 10 minutes

Requires: The Ghost Within

Screen of Death (-9)

Effect: The caster uses video footage and an illustration program to draw the scene of a fatal accident involving the chosen victim or machine. A battle of wills is then carried out and if the victim fails the accident happens after D4 days.

The illustration always involves technology of some description: thus road traffic accidents, electrocution or being crushed by heavy machinery is very common. Whatever the form of the accident, it causes the target 3D6 of damage (regardless of armor) and they will take a further 2D6 damage unless they receive medical attention within a number of minutes equal to their endurance score.

Cost: 10 te

Time: 60 minutes (including drawing time)

Duration: D4 days

Requires: The Rider Within and Video Communion

Video Communion (-4)

Effect: This spell lets the technomancer project themselves on to a target's videophone, cyber-radio, telephone or cyberoptic videophone. The caster appears as if they had called the target's number although the call will not be traceable.

The call can be terminated at any time by the caster and a battle of wills is required if the recipient attempts to cut the call prematurely. By adding an extra 2 te points, the caster can make the call happen even if the device is switched off or unplugged! The caster may specify at the start of the spell, if the call can be recorded or if it just appears on screen.

Cost: 4 te, 2 to maintain (or 6 te, 3 to maintain is the unit unplugged)

Time: 3 minutes

Duration: 5 minutes

Requires: Voice from the Ether

Voice from the Ether (-2)

Effect: The caster may send their voice through any communications device by touching it. At the technomancer's end, the call is purely telepathic but the recipient will hear the call as if it were normal.

Alternatively, the caster may send their voice through other devices, such as a television's speakers, a stereo system or chipman player. This type of communication is one way and costs an additional te point. As it is one way only, the caster must have another way of listening to the target's replies.

Cost: 2 te, 1 to maintain

Time: 2 minutes

Duration: 5 minutes

Requires: Find Machine

Machine Resistance Table

The complexity of a device can make it harder to control and affect. Normally, the owner's willpower will be used to resist any spells directed at a device. However, for obects without owners the table below should be used.

Basic Radios, remote controls or environmental systems (fire alarms, electric lightswitches, etc.).
Complex Devices with simple microprocessors; digital cameras; televisions / video units; electronic locks; etc.
Advanced Computers; autopilots; cybernetics or smartguns.

As mentioned in the machine control spell, it can be easier to take control of a small part of a large system, rather than attempt to wrestle control of all of it. For example, it would be easier to make an unoccupied car's electronic ignition system start up (willpower 4) than make the autopilot start and drive itself over to you (willpower 6). Note that the operator's willpower will override the machine's own resistance and cybernetic intelligence's have their own willpower ratings!

The ref has final say in any calls on whic systems can be affected and as with anything in roleplaying, player's personal knowledge should not colour their character's knowledge! You might know that you can kill a person's internet connection by knocking out the modem, but you're technomancer character won't unless he has any computer use or tech skills.

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