Curing Illusions Kinetics Necromancy Onieromancy Protection Veracity Telepathy

Concentration (-0)

Effects: Centres the caster's attention and blocks out distractions from their surroundings. Every te point negates one penalty point from stress, distraction or interruptions (but not damage or pain).

Cost: 1 te negates one penalty point, 1 te to maintain

Time: 1 minute

Duration: 10 minutes

Requires: -

Domination (-8)

Effects: The caster can instill a mental command to the subject, providing the caster wins the battle of wills.

One suggestion may be made per spell and the order must be carefully worded - dominated subjects will always attempt to resist or twist orders. Eye to eye contact is normally required, although once a command is installed, it need not continue.

Should the caster fail the domination attempt, the subject is immune to further attempts for one minute per willpower point.

Cost: 8 te

Time: Five minutes

Duration: Instant

Requires: Eye to eye contact needed at first. Also needs Persuasion, Concentration and Intention.

Evil Eye (-7)

Effects: Mental attack requiring wp roll to resist. Failure means 2D6 damage and an addition 4D6 STUN damage. Note that targets loose one stun per damage point and large amounts of STUN can turn into real damage. The effects of this rite appear as a heart attack or minor stroke. This spell is not stackable, but the damage is not reduced by armour.

Cost: 4 te

Time: 2 minutes

Duration: Instant

Requires: Pain.

Mind Reading (-5)

Effects: Similar to empathy, but allows the caster to read surface thoughts as well. As with empathy, the caster must win a battle of wills against the subject. Every two success points adds +1 to the caster's psychology rolls. Furthermore, every psychology roll over 20 grants the caster a picture of what the subject is thinking about (horror roll anyone?).

Cost: 3 te and 2 te to maintain

Time: 5 minutes

Duration: 10 minutes

Requires: Empathy

Persuasion (-4)

Effects: The ritual grants the caster the charms of the devil. Every 2 te grants +1 to any fast talk, seduction or bargaining roll. This does not require a battle of wills.

Cost: 2 te per +1 bonus, maintained at 1 te.

Time: 2 minutes

Duration: 5 minutes

Requires: -

Curing Illusions Kinetics Necromancy Onieromancy Protection Veracity Telepathy